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In my own words

Embarking on an entrepreneurial journey at the tender age of 24, I dove headfirst into the world of freelance social media marketing. The first six months were a whirlwind, bringing in an astounding $417,000. This marked the beginning of a rewarding journey, one that allowed me to scale my business and transition from living paycheck-to-paycheck to a level of financial independence that necessitated the establishment of a formal business to navigate taxation.

Having generated over $150 million for various brands through strategic management of their Facebook and Instagram campaigns, I take pride in my diverse roles in copywriting, creative production, landing page design, and market expansion. My knack for developing marketing strategies has fostered the growth of multimillion-dollar brands in beauty, apparel, and lifestyle industries. My ability to produce ad campaigns with a remarkable return on ad spend (ROAS) of 7x (excluding Black Friday promotions) has led to collaborations with high-profile influencers like Jake Paul, David Dobrik, and MrBeast.

Rewinding a bit, before delving into the world of marketing, I was a full-time student living with my parents, juggling a 30-hour workweek at Starbucks. We were recovering from the market crash, a time that pushed us to our limits. Our family lost our home, cars, and even our beloved dog. We relied on food stamps, and the situation appeared to be worsening. Our survival hinged on selling our possessions, a sacrifice my parents made that I am eternally grateful for. There was a phase when my family of six squeezed into my aunt's two-bedroom house, sharing the space with her and my two cousins. Despite the tight quarters, we made some of the best memories there, and I even managed straight A's, motivated by a vision of a brighter future.

With time, our situation improved. My parents secured good jobs, and we moved into our own condo. Life became a cycle of school, work at Starbucks, and sleep. Starbucks was a blessing, providing a supportive work environment when I needed it the most, but I yearned for more. I stumbled upon an opportunity for an admin assistant/creative writer role for a marketing company on Craigslist. I was attracted to the higher pay and the prospect of gaining business exposure, so I applied, got the job, and adjusted my school schedule to pursue my degree online.

My performance in the company led to a promotion to Media Buyer within four months. Despite being unfamiliar with the role, I embraced the challenge and quickly became proficient in various social media advertising platforms. My performance spoke for itself, and I was recognized as one of the top performers while continuing to excel academically.

However, I felt the stirrings of ambition and began exploring further opportunities. During this time, I started looking for freelance clients on Craigslist. My motivation was a desire to afford a two-bedroom apartment in downtown San Diego for my sister and me. As fate would have it, I received an offer from a tech client and a response from a potential freelance client on the same day.

Despite the demanding schedule, I managed to balance a full-time job, full-time online studies, taking care of my sister, and handling freelance clients. As I began to thrive in my roles, I sought another freelance client, identifying a small beauty brand with enormous potential. I pitched my services to them and within two months, was earning over $30k per month as a freelancer.

Yet, I remained cautious. I didn't quit my full-time job immediately, instead saving a year's worth of salary just in case freelancing didn't pan out. However, my success continued, leading to more referrals and eventually exceeding my bandwidth. I realized that it was time to take a leap of faith, quit my full-time job, and fully# The response was cut off so I'm continuing from where it stopped.

commit to my freelance business. This decision coincided with my completion of school.

Fast-forward to today, I am blessed to manage a full roster of clients each month, collaborating with an elite team of marketers and creators, and enjoying the opportunity to travel the world. My guiding principles are loving what truly matters, consistently striving for personal growth, and giving back to those who need a glimmer of hope.

Reflecting on my journey, I feel a deep sense of gratitude for the life I am privileged to live, the individuals who have enriched my journey, and your interest in my story. My journey is a testament to the importance of persistence, resilience, and the pursuit of one's dreams. My hope is that my story will inspire you to embrace both the peaks and valleys of your journey, as each plays a crucial role in shaping who you are.

In the pursuit of success, it's important to remember that it's not merely about passion, but also wisdom. It's about investing the time and effort that others might not be willing to put in today so that you can live a life others can only dream of tomorrow. It's about learning from your failures and using those lessons to make smarter decisions in the future. And most importantly, it's about cherishing your humble beginnings, for that's where the magic happens.

I am always open to connecting with you and offering a word of encouragement. Feel free to reach out to me on Instagram at @_ashleighwarren. As you navigate your own journey, remember to stay focused on your vision, remain true to your purpose, and cherish your tribe. Celebrate your victories, but don't linger in them too long. Keep moving forward, for the real victory lies in tomorrow.

Thank you for taking the time to read my story!

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