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Don't Sign Any Client Until You Ask Them These Questions.

Updated: Dec 5, 2019

The more knowledge you have about a brand up front, the better your strategy will be, and the better your campaigns will run.

As you have probably learned by now, not every potential client that comes to you is a good fit for your time. This is why I consider this step a crucial one for my success, and when I did not implement this, it bit me in the butt. I have every client fill out a questionnaire with a list of highly relevant questions I would like answered regarding their company and marketing efforts before I sign them.

It helps me determine:

1. How much work is needed? Is it worth my time?
2. What are their immediate and long term goals?
3. What is their current strategy?
4. How best can I help?
5. What are the biggest pain points of this account?
6. Where are the low hanging fruits?
7. What expectations do they have? Are they reasonable, considering their current standing and available resources?

You have to understand that Facebook advertising or any marketing service is a single component of an overall cohesive strategy. If your client’s website is sh*tty, your campaign is most likely going to perform horribly. If the customer funnel experience is sh*tty, and/or your client’s creative is sh*tty, trust, and believe it is going to affect your campaigns. It doesn’t matter if you’re the best marketer in the world, it all has to work together for this “let’s make a lot of money on Facebook” thing to work.

I highly recommend the following:

1. Creating a list of questions for prospective clients to answer relative to your scope of work.

2. Scheduling a follow-up call with this client to review the doc. Ask your questions of clarification and then develop your overall brand analysis.

3. Provide proper web, account, and SEO audits. Don’t just focus on your job, examine the brand overall. If you see things that could be better, say so it will definitely help your campaigns.

It pays to have a fresh set of effective eyes, and this is most likely why they hired you. So prepare so you can give em’ the whole package, it will make your job a lot easier in the long run. Depending on the services the client is requesting (Facebook Ads, strategy consultation, email marketing, Lead Gen, organic social management, content support), the questions change. However, here are the basic questions I always ask before I commit to a client.
Feel free to use this Questionnaire Template and further develop it to better serve your clients!

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