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How To Find Clients That Pay Well

Updated: Dec 5, 2019

This is definitely one of the most common questions I get asked:

How do I find clients? Good clients.

I get a decent amount of referrals, which you will too as you grow your business and you perform well for your clients.

However, I’ve made most of my money from clients I’ve found on my own through my method below. I 100% still send prospective emails out to clients who have never heard of me, and this is how I find them:

I grind and get lost in the deep dark hashtags of IG and FB and save every ad I come across on these platform in Saved Collections by vertical (Instagram) and a Facebook Ads Google Doc, filled with screenshots and links.

Lol, that sounded a little more dramatic than necessary, but yeah. I do the f-ing work. 1-2 times a week, I spend a few hours going through hashtags associated with high converting verticals on Facebook and Instagram.

I check out the products brands are promoting and even more so the brands consumers are organically posting about in a positive light. This is how I find my diamonds in the rough — youngish brands that have the following:

1. A good website

Looking at it, would you buy from this brand? Does it display all the right information in a captivating way?

2. Loveable products

 Plain and simple, is it a good product?! Is the kind of product you feel people could love?

3. Content & creative budget

A decent amount of content (great photos and video if possible) and the budget to produce/outsource more.

4. The budget to advertise

When I started out, I required at least a $200/day budget.

5. Can afford my rate

A flat monthly rate. I personally don’t believe in charging a percentage of spend, so I 9/10 require a flat rate. Obviously, as you earn more wins, you can and should require a significantly higher rate over time.

Although rare, sometimes I offer a high paying commission structure if I think the brand will do very well in the near future and they cannot currently afford my fee. When I have done this its paid off well, and I’ve earned WAY MORE than my monthly fee. It’s a gamble that I don’t recommend taking often, but if you feel in your gut, you’ve got a winner. Do it. It could be a huge payout.

If I think the brand is a good potential match for my services and I believe I could be an asset based upon the engagement they’re getting now, and the copy and creative I see in their ads, I then add that brand to My Master Prospective Client Doc and fill out all the corresponding information.

If you’d like to use the same sheet I use, go for it: Prospective Client Doc

Then I use my email template that has earned me over $700k to contact these brands once every 10 days until I get a response.

Thass it boys and girls! Hope this helps you a bit 🙂

As always thanks for reading!


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